Fiona Davis

Fiona found her inner entrepreneur and set up her own business, The Brand Inspiration Co, in 2013. This was after over 20 years in Board roles in a diverse range of retail businesses including several brand transformations and a business turnaround. Fiona is also the author of ‘A Profitable Love Affair, how to build and sustain a strong brand’.

Fiona helps customer facing businesses grow by ‘(re)discovering the mojo’ and ‘walking in the customers’ shoes’ while asking the deceptively simple questions ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ to do so. She mentors and coaches leaders and their teams to enable them to realise the potential of their business.

Alongside this she is a Director of Women in Retail, a not for profit community for women in the retail sector, focussed on enabling more women to reach their potential in leadership and board roles.

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