Conversations with The Chambers:


Thursday 6 February 2020
From 6:30pm to 9:30pm
67 Dean Street
Soho - W1D 4QH

Inspiring viewpoints to stimulate an evening of conversation and debate


Drinks, canapés and mingling with our fabulous eclectic network of guests


BLACKS -  A new breed of members club with the spirit of Soho


Jonathan Chippindale
CEO, Holition

Digital entrepreneur, international luxury goods marketing director, and founder of Holition – formed as a venture start-up a decade ago to explore and expand the role that technological innovation can play in communicating narrative to today's consumer.

Their creative technology projects for fashion and beauty brands deliver memorable retail experiences online, in-store and through mobile.

Rosie Cook
Founder, Deakin & Blue

Rosie is the Founder & CEO of transformational women's bodywear brand Deakin and Blue, launched June 2017. The brand has been worn by various celebrities and athletes and featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Vanity Fair and more.

Previously, Rosie worked in Strategy Consulting, delivering corporate and commercial solutions to a range of clients in the Private Sector at CXO level.

Rosie is passionate about fashion technology, women's rights, body image, sustainability and collaboration.

Alberto Ricci
Evangelist, Apple

Alberto started his career creating sound editing software that soon became widely used among composers, electronic musicians and sound designers in the movie industry.

After a couple of entrepreneurial experiences building consumer products for the Mac and wiretapping solutions for government agencies, he was offered a job at Apple as a Technology Evangelist, which he has been doing for the past 12 years.

In this role, he has helped third-party developers and publishers across EMEA, Latin America and India create successful products by ensuring adoption of the latest technologies and best practices, through regular presentations at developer conferences and workshops.