The Chambers is a private network of independent consultants with a focus on the retail and consumer sectors.

At The Chambers, we share a passion to bring excellence and innovation to organisations, a belief in collaboration and sharing, and a strong track record of success across a broad range of disciplines and industries.


What we do


We collaborate

The Chambers facilitates our collaborations to win new projects, to amplify our individual business offer, delivering expert solutions for our clients and helping each of us to do our jobs better.


We network

The Chambers acts as our collective voice in our industries, sharing our views on professional networks and with industry influencers, and offering our extended networks a broader view of our interests and capabilities. 


We evolve

The Chambers provides a forum for cross-disciplinary thinking and purposeful debate, among ourselves and with selected guest speakers – sharing our experiences and enriching our points of view.

Why we do it

Being in The Chambers is an enriching experience.

We have a belief that there is benefit to all our members from active participation in our network: we learn new things, we enjoy helping each other out, it helps us do our jobs better and we have fun.

If you’re interested in The Chambers – either as a speaker, guest to our Conversations, or to become a member – please get in touch.